About The Murder Mystery Collective

We have been delivering awesome dinner theatre for nearly 10 years. We are a group of professionally trained West End actors who discovered that our creativity and vision could deliver a different kind of performance – most importantly something that we would all want to go and take part in ourselves.

As a starting point we went to visit a lot of other Murder Mystery evenings and unfortunately we were not very impressed… We quickly realised that we could do it a whole lot better – offering funnier, better written and more stylish Murder Mystery evenings that are immaculately presented and expertly performed.

Having now performed at over 1000 events we firmly believe that the way we perform our Murder Mystery Dinners is better than everybody else. Nobody wants an out-dated, over-complicated plot – that’s a recipe for a pretty boring evening. We would all also prefer our actors to be younger, cooler and damn good at what they do. Let us show you our stylish, polished shows that will change the way you think about Murder Mysteries forever.

We are lucky enough to have a large group of top-class actors at our disposal with over 50 West-End performers frequently working with us on events. We are based in London but frequently travel all across the UK to commit murder so no matter where your event is taking place we will happily travel to perform our unique brand of dinner theatre.