Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Murder Mystery work in any location?

Yes. Any location at all (and we have performed in some pretty odd places!). It can be a party in your own home or a room in a restaurant/hotel. What is required though is that you have a private room so that we are not disturbing members of the public – as much as they would enjoy it.

What areas do you cover?

We are London based but very happy to travel throughout the UK and abroad.

How long does a Murder Mystery last?

A typical performance will last around 3 hours; but this can be shorter or longer as appropriate. The actors will greet your guests from the beginning of reception drinks with the murder taking place once guests are seated for dinner. The action continues until after dinner with the murderer revealed and winners announced. In short; we have performed a full show in less than an hour and also made it fill a whole weekend…

What are the minimum / maximum number of guests?

We once did a Murder Mystery to just four people and have performed to hundreds. The only thing to consider is that for a larger audience (over 100/120) it may be that we require amplification to perform and when necessary we can engage our sound engineers for an additional charge. Alternatively if you already have amplification / production on site we can provide our Technical Rider with details of what we require.

Can the guests play parts in the Murder Mystery?

We use professional actors who take on all the roles of the suspects – trust us it works much better this way! Guests will have ample opportunity to be involved in their roles as investigators as they try to solve the crime.

Can we / should we dress up for the event?

We love it when clients dress up – but this is completely optional for you and your guests. If you decide that you would like to spend the evening in costume then there are two ways that you could go…. As guests are playing the roles of detectives; you could ask them to come dressed as their favourites i.e. Sherlock Holmes. If you wanted to dress up to match the theme of the plot then we can provide you with ideas and suggestions so that you fit in perfectly.

Do I need to inform my venue about your performance and will you be in touch with them?

You should contact your venue and/or caterer and let them know that we are performing and if they have any concerns we are more than happy to contact them immediately to discuss our show. We will be in touch with your venue or caterer directly approximately a week before your event. We do have full public liability insurance and these certificates can be provided to your venue upon request.