Private Parties

Having a party for you and your friends? Then you would do well to consider having a Murder Mystery. You would do even better to book the Murder Mystery Collective to do it for you! Our dinner theatre is the perfect entertainment for all occasions from a special birthday to an anniversary dinner. Believe it or not – we have even performed at the occasional wedding.

If you are looking for a different kind of entertainment that will ensure your special night is filled with brilliant performances and laughing guests – then look no further! A Murder Mystery evening can provide you with a full afternoon or evening’s entertainment and the way we perform our shows will be nothing like any of your guests have seen before. Your guests don’t need to do anything other than relax, play detective and laugh their way through the evening.

Our events can work for any number of guests from less than 10 to more than 300. If your event has more than 100 guests then we can bring along our sound engineers to ensure that our performance can fill any room. A show can also work in any location; a hotel, restaurant or even a party in your own home. Better still: if you don’t already have a suitable venue for your party let us do the hard work for you and find you some suitable places that are perfect to host a Murder Mystery event.

In addition to providing world-class entertainment; we also provide each team of detectives with everything they need to run their investigation. Following the murder – teams are given silver briefcases containing materials for recording details of their investigation along with impeccably presented information on each of the suspects: everything they need to play detective and hunt down the murderer.