Team Building

A murder mystery is a great option for any kind of dinner or evening entertainment; but it can also work really well as a form of team building. This is true whether you decide to have a show over dinner or whether you want to incorporate it into your conference itself.

The format of a murder mystery involves separating an audience into small teams to work together towards a common goal – namely solving the crime and catching a murderer. During the course of the event guests will have the opportunity to observe the suspects being formally interviewed by the lead investigator: they will be encouraged to watch carefully and be alert to additional clues that could help to identify the murderer. Outside of the formal suspect interviews teams will have the chance to interview the suspects individually. This is a great opportunity to interact directly with the actors and those exchanges can be great fun as teams attempt to distinguish between truth and lies!

At the end of the event teams will be asked to hand in the results of their investigation detailing who they believe to be the murderer along with details as to their motive. One member of each team will then be asked to present their findings to the room. With only one team being declared the winner at the end of the event; this is also a competitive activity and prizes can be arranged to ensure that guests are suitably motivated.

The whole event works wonderfully as an event to promote team bonding, communication and collaboration. In addition to this – the whole performance is very enjoyable, funny and will certainly be unlike any team building the guests have ever done before!