Murder Mystery Plots and Stories

We offer several plots and stories that are perfectly suited to any occasion. We focus heavily on quality rather than quantity and deliberately limit the number of stories on offer to clients. This ensures that we have shows that are frequently performed with scripts of the highest quality and actors that are experienced at playing all the roles. Each of our scripts have been painstakingly written, rehearsed and perfected. Rather handily all of our plots can easily be adapted to fit the theme of your event!

Murder at Lovelace Manor

Our most popular story incorporates wonderful classic Murder Mystery characters in a traditional setting. Your guests have been invited to a charity evening held at the home of Lord and Lady Lovelace. Raising money for “the Lovelace Charity for Destitute Boys”; the eccentric Lord has decided to hold a dinner. With colourful guests including the trendy local Reverend and his inappropriate wife; you will be served by a Russian chef, a flirty French maid and a rather simple stable boy. The evening takes a turn for the worse as a horrific murder is committed. Through your guest’s deduction and the discovery of evidence, dirty secrets and sordid lies are brought to the fore. It is only with your guest’s cunning that this devious murder can be solved.

Murder at Pork Hall

This is a mind bending and hilarious murder mystery evening featuring inventive characters, quirky British humour and all set in a classic genre. Set in the sprawling mansion of newly rich Essex girl Lady Pork, we weave a tale of intrigue that will have you scratching your head until the thrilling denouement. Lady Pork is celebrating the birthday of her pet chihuahua, Princess Lambrini, in the only way she knows how; excessively! It is not long before a horrific murder takes place leaving your guests to get to the bottom of the crime and answer the age old question of ‘who dunnit?’. Could it be the bumbling vet, the annoying milkman, the war injured captain and his spikey nurse, the indifferent Polish maid or even the stoic butler leading the investigation? Through comic scenes and baffling evidence, your guests must solve the mystery, lest the murderer escape scot free! So relax, enjoy and see that justice is done!

Murder at Shady Palms

All has changed at the Grand Hotel as this long established venue has undergone a controversial re-branding to become a Vegas style resort. You are cordially invited to attend the grand reopening to celebrate in keeping with its most lavish traditions. The eccentric owners have invited their most privileged guests to be served by a host of diligent employees featuring the Hotel’s renowned concierge, its bell boy, a flirty maid, the award winning bar-man and a long awaited musical performance from a famous lounge singer! Surely the evening will go exactly to plan with nothing untoward taking place? Expect an opulent evening with just a dose of heinous murder.

Murder at Chateau de Coq

The Chateau De Coq is opening its doors for one night only, and you are here-by invited. Duke Sausage (pronunciation: Sos-wah-jey) and his Parisian partner Pierre Petit request your presence at this exclusive gala evening to celebrate the launch of Europe’s hottest new wine, Rene Pogel.There will be many high profile celebrities in attendance and the fastidious head of security will be expertly overseeing the evening with the help of his newlywed wife, the accountant. Should you need any physical assistance then please do flag down one of the identical Russian twins, and advanced apologies should the Dukes niece insist on a selfie with you. Finally, our guest of honour will be the Mother Superior who will most likely challenge you to a drinking contest – please be warned that she has never lost. It guarantees to be a memorable night and we look forward to seeing you there – the claret will certainly flow!