How does a Murder Mystery work?

If you have never been to a Murder Mystery event before then allow us to explain how it works. If you have not been to a Murder Mystery Collective event before – then as far as we are concerned you haven’t really been to a Murder Mystery event either.

We deliver a complete afternoon or evening’s entertainment and the best way to describe what we do is to think of it as a really good piece of interactive theatre. The entertainment begins during pre-dinner drinks, as our colourful characters welcome guests; allowing them to get acquainted with everyone involved. Foul murder takes place during a pre-dinner speech and one of our characters comes forward to host proceedings and lead the investigation. Guests are separated into teams to work together and hilarious short scenes are enacted over dinner as suspects are interviewed. Throughout the evening guests will have the chance to interview and interact with each of the suspects individually to help them form their conclusions. To help teams in their investigation they will be presented with a silver briefcase containing everything they need to run their investigation which includes beautifully presented information on each of the suspects.

Once all the suspects have been interrogated, your guests can offer their solutions. They must name the killer and explain his or her motive. Once all these theories have been presented we approach the moment of truth as our investigator reveals the real killer and the motive. Expect a dramatic confession and likely an attempt to flee the scene before the murderer is apprehended. Order is restored, a winning team is announced and prizes are awarded.

We use a minimum of four actors for a performance although we do recommend using our full cast of six. A performance would typically take place over dinner and last for approximately three hours although this can of course be shorter or longer as appropriate. Whilst we do cover the whole of the UK; we are London based and there may be a travel charge depending on the location of your venue. If your event has less than 100 guests then we can usually perform without amplification. For a larger event we can bring along our sound engineers to ensure that the performance can fill any room.